Creative Uses for Our Drums & Barrels

Great Ideas from Volunteer Drum

Spring is nearly here, and if you want to start planting, head over to Volunteer Drum who can supply you with best option when it comes to spring planting. Buy 55-gallon plastic drums from Volunteer [...]

Use Your Imagination with Volunteer Drum

Volunteer Drum is your one stop shop for great DIY projects and if you want great prices on 55-gallon steel or plastic new and recycled drums, Volunteer Drum has got you covered. These days you [...]

Grow Your 2016 Garden with Volunteer Drum

Now that 2015 is coming to an end, it’s time to reinvent your surroundings with recycled 55-gallon plastic or steel drums from Volunteer Drum. Volunteer Drum in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee has [...]

Recycling for fall with Volunteer Drum

Volunteer Drum has got you covered if you have old 55-gallon drums that you would like to repurpose, or have an idea, but do not have the 55-gallon drum. The team from Volunteer Drum is [...]

Amazing Ideas from Volunteer Drum

When you visit Volunteer Drum, you will find all kinds of 55-gallon used and new steel, fiber and plastic drums that can be used for more than just storage. In fact, Volunteer Drum has dozens [...]

Drums and Sacks from Volunteer Drum

Volunteer Drum is the only place to consider if you are looking for new or recycled 55-gallon steel, fiber, or plastic drums. You can depend on Volunteer Drum to supply you with the strongest, sturdiest, [...]

New and Used 55 Gallon Drums from Volunteer Drum

Volunteer Drum can help you with all kinds of ideas for recycled 55-gallon drums, but can also make sure that you have new 55-gallon drums for all of your needs. Recycled and new 55-gallon drums [...]

Volunteer Drum for Unique Ideas

With Volunteer Drum, you can build the garden of your dreams using repurposed and recycled 55-gallon steel or plastic drums. Only Volunteer Drum has the best selection of new and used 55-gallon drums for all [...]

Storage Containers from Volunteer Drum

Volunteer Drum has got you covered if you are looking for some unique ways to plant your spring flowers or vegetables. Volunteer Drum believes in reusing and recycling its 55-gallon plastic and steel drums into [...]