Used Barrels

Used Open Head 30 Gallon Plastic DrumThese clean, used open head 30 gallon plastic drums are good for general storage. They also make good rain barrels or composting bins. They are also good for storing feed, dry goods, and clothing. This drum has multiple uses inside and outside the home. It is gently used and very clean inside. The lid is held in place by a metal snap ring and there are handles on each side to make it easier to move. They also stack well for smaller spaces.

Used Pepper BarrelsUsed pepper barrels make great rain barrels. They are easy to get into in order to add the valve and overflow outlets. The ring on this style drum detaches from the lid so that a screen can be added to keep insects and debris from falling into the barrel. This style drum also makes a great composting bin.

Used Closed Head Plastic DrumUsed closed head, or tight head, plastic drums have many uses. These drums had food product in them but have not been washed out. A little dish soap is usually all that is needed to clean them. With a little ingenuity they can be turned into any of the following;
Rain barrel
Water storage (not potable)
Garden planter/veggie bed
Dog house
Partially fill them with sand or water for tent anchors
Cut it in half for inexpensive ice chests for parties
Drill holes in the top for lawn and garden tools
They also float so they can be used to keep the pool cover from dipping into the pool.
These are only a few suggestions. There are many more uses for these drums.

Burn Barrels - Cut Out Metal DrumWe offer used cut out metal drums for burn barrels or for general storage. They do not have lids. The head of the drum has been cut off but the top edge is not sharp. These drums are great for burning small brush and keeping warm in cold weather. They also work for containing scrap metal, pipe, wood, tools, and many other things.

Used Open Head Metal DrumsThese used open head metal had food product, most held peanut butter, but have been pressure washed. They are lined with epoxy phenolic and are safe for storing feed in. The metal will keep out any unwanted pests while the inside leverlock ring makes for easier access to contents. There may be many storage options for this drum. They can also be used for making charcoal and smokers, although the interior lining is very hard to remove if building a smoker, although with a little elbow grease it can be done.

Used Fiber DrumsMost of our used fiber drums have had food product in them. Some had dried onions, some had spices, and some may have had peanut butter in them. They are reasonably clean inside, although some do retain the smell of the product which was in them. They are handy for storing and moving. They stack well and are quite strong.