Volunteer Drum has got you covered if you are looking for some unique ways to plant your spring flowers or vegetables. Volunteer Drum believes in reusing and recycling its 55-gallon plastic and steel drums into planters, furniture, kid’s toys, smokers, and even barbecues.

The clever folks from Volunteer Drum understand the importance of being green and are continually coming up with ways to use new and used 55-gallon drums. Customers are amazed at the creative minds from Volunteer Drum and are always sharing their newly purposed 55-gallon drums with Volunteer Drum.

When it comes to the best 55-gallon drums and storage containers, nobody does it better than Volunteer Drum. Coming up May 16th and 17th, Volunteer Drum with have a limited supply of rain barrels, rain barrel kits, and whiskey drums for your next project. Volunteer Drum will also have storage containers and general purpose drums to store food, water, and ammo. Don’t forget to bring your truck to Volunteer Drum on May 16th and 17th!