Salvage and Overpack Drums


Salvage, overpack, and labpack drums are mainly used to recover drums which have developed a leak. The sizes graduate so that the smaller drums nest inside the larger drums. For instance, a 10 gallon drum will fit into a 30 gallon drum, a 30 into a 55, and so on.

Salvage or overpack drums are made of both steel and plastic. Any drum can be used to overpack the smaller drum, but care should be taken in order to ensure that the correct drum is used for your application. It is the responsibility of the filler, or end user, to make sure they have properly and legally packaged their shipment.

Volunteer Drum normally stocks the following large salvage/overpack sizes:

  1.  85 gallon overpack in 20 gauge carbon steel for lighter duty
    UN 1A2/Y440/S
  2.  85 gallon overpack in 18 gauge carbon steel for medium duty
    UN 1A2/X440/S (Type 7A for solids)
  3.  85 gallon overpack in 16 gauge carbon steel for heavy duty
    UN 1A2/X440/S – 1A2T/Y320/S (Type 7A for solids)
  4.  110 gallon overpack carbon steel
    UN 1A2/Y409/S
  5.  95 gallon poly overpack with screw on lid
    UN 1H2/X300/S

Other sizes of metal and poly drums are available. The sizes range from 15 gallon labpacks to the 95 gallon overpack. We stock 5, 10 16, 30, 55, and the larger size metal drums as well as 15, 30, 55, and 95 gallon poly drums.