Reconditioned Poly Drums

Assorted Poly DrumsVolunteer Drum LLC has an assortment of plastic drums for a variety of uses. We have new drums constructed of FDA approved materials and are BPA free. Most of the poly drums are High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and the new ones come in blue open head with lid and ring, as well as blue or natural tight head, which only have 2 bung openings.

We also have used and reconditioned plastic drums. Please feel free to call and ask if you need any help finding the right fit for your needs. We can not tell you what you should use, but we may be able to help guide you in the right direction.

Remember, we only ask questions so that we can find you the best drum at the best price for your needs.

15 Gallon Poly Drum Natural 15 Gallon Blue Poly DrumReconditioned 15 gallon closed head poly drums are good for storing fuels, water, and other bulk liquids. They are easier to move by hand and are better for use in small quantity storage or for small spaces.  Reconditioned drums are not food safe, so never use reconditioned drums to store products for human or animal consumption. Label all containers and store them responsibly, out of the reach of children and away from heat and/or flame.

Used Open Head 30 Gallon Plastic Drum

We stock a reconditioned 30 gallon open head plastic drum which is only gently used. This is one of the rare reconditioned items which we do know what had previously been in them. These drums were used to contain small metal pieces which were inside a plastic bag liner. Once the bag was emptied it was then removed and the drum was blown out with an air hose. These drums did not contain any harmful substances, simply small metal pieces inside a bag liner. The lid is held on with an outside lever lock ring and the drums have handles on the sides to make them easier to move. These are very clean inside and can be used for storing animal feed. They can also be used for storage of household items. We have customers who have used these for storing dry goods, bait tanks and aquarium filters, pet foods, etc.

55 Gallon Assorted Color Poly DrumsVolunteer Drum does occasionally have a few reconditioned closed head plastic drums which are not the usual blue, black, or white drums. We currently have a small supply of green plastic closed head barrels. Since these drums are reconditioned, and we have no way of knowing what the drums had contained, we do not recommend they be used for storage of anything to be consumed. They would be fine for rain water collection, for flower beds or planters, or other non-food use.

Reconditioned 55 gallon plastic drums can also be used for fuel storage, although the 55 gallon drums are almost impossible to move by hand when full. We stock hand siphon pumps, and have a good source for other, less taxing pumps such as electric and hand crank.

55 Gallon Open Head Poly DrumsVolunteer Drum, LLC also stocks reconditioned open head plastic drums in 55 gallon size. The reconditioned 55 gallon drums are as shown below. These drums can easily be used for shipping clothing and books overseas. We have several customers who use these to ship clothing and other items to mission fields.

As with most of our reconditioned drums, we do not have any information as to the previous contents of these drums. We would not recommend these be used for food or any other consumable items, though they are fine for clothing, linens, toys, and many other uses.