Reconditioned Metal Drums

Reconditioned Metal Drums

We stock a variety of reconditioned metal drums. Although the metal reconditioned drums are normally limited to the 55 gallon size, we do occasionally carry 30 gallon and 85 gallon in open head drums.

We are not a reconditioner, and therefore we do not wash and re-paint the drums. But, we do keep reconditioned drums in stock from reputable reconditioners, that have been leak-proof tested and marked as reconditioned by the company which did perform the reconditioning. They are not re-manufactured or re-built. They are cleaned and re-painted, and have been leakproof tested.

There are no test reports or other documents, other than drum closure instructions for reconditioned drums. If your drum usage requires documents such as Certificate of Compliance/Conformance and test reports, we suggest purchasing new drums to better meet those requirements.

Reconditioned Oil Drums


Our current stock of reconditioned closed head metal drums includes oil drums in 4 color choices. We stock Chevron blue, Shell red body/yellow top, Conoco solid black, and Phillips solid silver. There are other color choices available, as long as you can provide a color sample, and the reconditioners do require a minimum order. Give us a call and we will be happy to help you with your oil drums needs.

Shell Red & Yellow Oil Drum

Shell Red/Yellow

Phillips Silver Oil Drum

Phillips Silver

Chevron Blue Oil Drum

Chevron Blue

Conoco Black

Conoco Black

Volunteer Drum LLC also stocks reconditioned open head metal 55 gallon drums both for hazardous and non-hazardous shipping. As with all reconditioned drums, there are no documents for these drums other than closing instructions.


17H Reconditioned DrumReconditioned open head metal hazardous drums, sometimes referred to as the “17H” drum,  have been leakproof tested and carry a UN (United Nations) rating for a medium hazard class rating of 1A2/Y1.4/100 or lower. These drums are what are widely considered “DOT Approved” for shipping certain items such as some paints, chemicals, and other medium hazard and regulated materials, solid or liquid. The Reconditioned haz-mat drums have a heavy gauge ring and a 5/8” bolt. These reconditioned drums generally have a mix of bungs, some with Rieke, or hex shape, some TriSure, or round shape.  The open head haz-mat drums are painted black body/white cover, and will have a stencil or a label with the UN rating, year of reconditioning, reconditioners ID number and followed by “RL” which means Reconditioned and Leakproof tested.



Rule 40 Reconditioned DrumReconditioned open head drums for non-hazardous use, sometimes referred to as “Rule 40” drums, are for shipping non-regulated or non hazardous materials. They can also be used for storeage in-house. These drums have plugs in the covers also. There are no markings on the outside of the drum such as a rating or date of reconditioning.

The non-hazardous drums have light duty carbon steel rings and small 5/16” bolt. They are painted black body/white top.