Volunteer Drum can help you with all kinds of ideas for recycled 55-gallon drums, but can also make sure that you have new 55-gallon drums for all of your needs.

Recycled and new 55-gallon drums are used for all sorts of things including food, hazardous waste and shipping cargo. Used and recycled 55-gallon drums can also be used to store and transport liquid as well as crude oil, but what some people do not know is that recycled and new 55-gallon drums have all kinds of different uses as well, and that’s where Volunteer Drum comes in. Volunteer Drum has some great ideas when it comes to new and recycled 55-gallon drums.

Take a pair of stainless 55-gallon drums, cut them just right, buy a 2×8 at your local DIY store and you can create a one of a kind bench for your front porch. One clever Volunteer Drum customer turned a new stainless steel 55-gallon drum into a cabinet to hold his cleaning supplies. The ideas are endless with the help of Volunteer Drum.