IBC Totes (Intermediate Bulk Container)

IBC TotesWe offer IBC Totes in new, reconditioned, or used conditions.

We also offer new plastic bottles installed in used cages.  This allows us to offer a new food grade container, without the full price of a fully new tote.  This option is not recommended for shipping regulated materials, but is more economic for storing delicate food grade products.

There are 275 gallon and 330 gallon sizes available for most options.

Most totes have a 6 inch inlet screw on cap on top, and a 2” outlet valve at the bottom.  The 6” cap is available with a 2” plug in the center.  The 2” outlet valves come in many styles with various thread styles.


New IBC Totes


New Totes are used for shipping food grade materials or regulated materials that require zero chance of outside contamination.  They are UN rated and leak proof tested.


Reconditioned IBC Totes

Reconditioned IBC Tote

Reconditioned Totes are used for shipping less critical regulated materials.  The reconditioned units have been thoroughly cleaned inside and out (not food grade), and have been leak tested.  They are UN rated, and acceptable for shipping regulated materials.

Used IBC Totes

New IBC Tote

Used Totes are used for general purpose bulk liquid storage such as rain water collection, used oil collection.  We offer used (previously food grade) condition, ideal for mild food grade applications.



In addition to the more common uses, totes can be used for numerous applications.  For instance, the tops can be cut out, and used for holding large solids like rocks, firewood, dirt, mulch, etc.  They can also be used to make a pretty cool dog/pet house, or a small fish farm.

We keep a pretty good inventory on hand of all styles.  Please call for pricing and availability.