Fiber Drums

Fiber Drums provide a low cost
alternative to steel drums.
Disposable fiber drums have
no metal rings or latches.
Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Drums
  • Lightweight drums are able to contain both dry and semi-liquid compounds
  • Lever-locking band for easy closure


  • Perfect for dry materials, hot-pour resins and roll-form products
  • High-profile lid allows for use of full storage capacity
  • Fully incinerable-no metal hardware


  • Reusable drum reduces waste and disposal cost
  • Environmentally friendly and cost effective method of lamp recycling. Drums are clearly printed to alert handlers to use care and return drums after use.
  • Drums used for florescent bulb disposal


Most fiber drums are for dry or solid materials although there are liquid pack drums which can be used for applications where there is moisture present. All-fiber drums are ideal for those materials being incinerated and fluorescent lamp recycling drums are the preferred container for storing fluorescent bulbs for recycling.

Store, stack and transport dry or solid materials the most cost efficient way. Many sizes feature a lacquer-coated steel cover and fiber bottom. A steel ring reinforces the bottom for safe transport of heavier materials and secure stacking. Each cover includes a convenient lever-lock closure which accepts many tamper-proof seals.

Liquid pack drums are available by special order, normally in about a week. These drums are typically used when there is moisture present within the contents of the drum. Liquid pack drums are specially made with a built in liner which holds the moisture in, maintaining the integrity of the fiber drum.

All-fiber drums are also available by special order. They can be used for storage as they are light weight. When they are used for incineration they burn completely because they have no metal or plastic parts.

Fluorescent bulb recycling drums come in three sizes. There are two sizes available for 4 foot bulbs. The smaller of the two holds roughly 85 bulbs, the larger holds about twice as many. The drum for longer bulbs holds about 85 and telescopes from 6 foot to 8 foot in length.

Volunteer Drum also offers assorted used fiber drums. Call for details on used fiber drums in stock.