Volunteer Drum is the only place to consider if you are looking for new or recycled 55-gallon steel, fiber, or plastic drums. You can depend on Volunteer Drum to supply you with the strongest, sturdiest, and most importantly, the most affordable new and recycled 55-gallon drums. However, Volunteer Drum sells more than 55-gallon drums.

Supersacks are gigantic bags that can be used for a multitude of things whether you need take care of the clippings from your freshly mowed lawn, or looking for something practical to cover your patio furniture with.

Each Supersack from Volunteer Drum is about a 40” x 40” x 40” cube and has been ever so gently used by the food industry. With their sturdy loop handles and a top that opens completely, Supersacks are easy to fill and convenient to travel with.

For all of your food, hazardous waste, and other transporting needs, you can depend on Volunteer Drum. Check out the website for more items from Volunteer Drum or draw by and say, “Hi,” at the Atlantic Ave. location in Knoxville.